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Pelleri II VS-3EII - Vibrating Stripper

Vibrating Stripper VS-3E II Pelleri

Model VS-3E II
Dimensions (L x W x H) 970 × 460 × 1160 (mm)
(675 × 460 × 640 when handle is slide down to lowest position)
Weight 78kg (main body 68kg + weight 10kg)
Motor Output 1kW x 4P
Power Source Single-phase 100V × 11ASingle-phase 220V × 7A
Power Cord 2.0m2 x 3 core x 10m1.25m2 x 3 core x 10m
Attachment Standard Blade 1 piece
Strong Blade 1 piece
Sheet Blade 1 piece


Powerful motor.

Equip with 1kW (1HP) powerful motor.

Free cutting angle adjustment by tilt lever.

Freely to adjust desired cutting angle by tilt lever according to subfloor condition.

A cable hook helps to provide better movement.

Operator can move the machine smoothly without hindrance and to operate the machine more effectively.

Adjustable handle and removable weight.

Operator can set the handle height to keep a proper operating position. The weight can be removed for easy transportation.

Construction cases of VS-3EII

Construction Video

Cutters for VS-3EII

  • Standard Blade
  • Strong Blade
  • Sheet Blade