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Pick Scraper PX-1

Pick Scraper PX-1

Model PX-1
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1331 x 216 x 411~478 (mm)
Weight 20.6kg
(Electric Hammer + Wheel stand)
Electric hammer
Model Makita ® HM0810
Power Input 900W
Blows per minute 2900min-1
Power Cord 1.25mm2 x 10m (Detachable type)
Attachment Bull Point, 1pc
Chisel (for Makita), 1pc
Hex L Wrench 6mm (long type), 1pc
Open Ended Spanner 10x12mm, 1pc
Open Ended Spanner 17x19mm, 1pc
Side Handle, 1 set
Anti-vibration Gloves, 1 pair
Tool Bag, 1 pc


Ergonomically designed and stand-up operation.

PX-1-image1 Special ergonomic design allows operator stand comfortably upright and release backache while operation.

Scraper blade can also be installed for easy scraping and removing materials.

PX-1-image3 By the Installation of scraper shank with blade, enable to perform scraping and removing materials such as resin mortar, MMA, hard urethane, PVC, long material sheet, etc.

Perform maximum demolition power.

PX-1-image4 Standing posture helps to create powerful impact demolition performance which ideal for applications such as breaking or chipping concrete, instead of holding the electric hammer.

Adjustable cutting head angle

Adjustable cutting head angle from 37º up to 45º by operate the clamp lever.

PX-1-image8 PX-1-image9

Adjustable handle position.

Selectable side handles position and adjustable handle grip for both vertical and horizontal position.

PX-1-image10 PX-1-image11

Wheel Stand Kit

This wheel stand is specially designed to fit electric hammer for standing working system which allows operator work comfortably and efficiently while using the electric hammer.
You can also optionally purchase our Wheel Stand Kit to fit your own electric hammer.

Available for electric hammer model:
Hitachi H41SA(S)
Makita HM0810
Find here Wheel Stand Kit for more detail.

Tools for PX-1

Scraper Shank 150mm Standard Blade 100mm Standard Blade 90mm Strong Blade
Chisel Bull Point Chisel S Chisel