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Heavy Duty Scarifier F-22E

F-22E (Motor Type)

Model F-22E
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1600 × 525 × 925 (mm)
(1020mm when handle is folded)
Weight 220kg
(Body 190kg + Weight 30kg)
Working width 225 (229mm)
Working depth Flexible adjustment
(Manual screw jack)
Motor Output 5.5kW × 4P(7.5HP)
Power Source Triple-phase
200V × 22A
380V × 16A
(415V × 15A)
Power Cord 40m
(3.5mm² x 4 core)
(2.5mm² x 4 core)


Edging capability, greatly minimize side wall’s remainders.

Greatly minimize the remainder against the wall-edge, and both sides of the machine attached with two rubber roller to avoid scratches remain on side wall.

Powerful scarifying performance!

The centrifugal force of cutter blades provide strong pressure hit to perform superb scarifying or roughening surface no matter how hard the floor is.

Easy adjust handle for proper position.

Handle can be adjusted flexibly backward and forward and can be fixed into suitable height position.

Cutters for F-22

  • A-1 Cutter
  • 8P Cutter
  • 8P Cutter
  • 6E Cutter