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Hyex Sander HX-100


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Model HX-100
Voltage Single-phase 100V
Current 8.0 A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 300 × 160 × 169 (mm)
Weight 2.7 kg
(Exclude cord & hose)
Input 760 W
Attachment Filter bag x 3 pcs
Dust Collect Hose (∅1'/4" x 2m) x 1 pc
Lock Nut Wrench x 1 pc Single Ring Wrench x 1 pc
Spare Skirt x 1 pc


No need dust collector, a filter bag is used for dust collection

Attached with filter bag Hyper exhaust type system for dust collector is not needed.
This special made filter bag can be easily attached the hose with a clamp.

Dust control, easygoing wall surface preparation.

Dust control, easygoing wall surface preparation Cover with brush skirt, even work on uneven surface can also prevent from dust scattering.

High exhaust power to reduce dust clogging.

High exhaust power Contain enforcement exhaust fan system to generate high emission power.
Greatly reduce dust clogging even when removing thin coating.

Cutters for HX-100

  • NEO Ultra 100
  • Flat 100
  • Single 100
  • Screw 100