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Standard Type HK-10 / HK-12

Provides a dust-free surface preparation.




Model HK-10 HK-12
Voltage Single-phase 220V Single-phase 220V
Current 5A 5A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 318 × 130 × 148 (mm) 318 × 145 × 148 (mm)
Weight 2.0 kg 2.5 kg
Grinding Width 100 mm 120 mm
Grinding Speed 11,000 min-1 10,000 min-1
Power cord 2.5 m 4 m


Excellent in edge grinding and good maneuverability in tight areas.

HK-10H Our handy grinder fitted with our unique dust control shroud to perform dustless grinding and complete edge grinding, especially in tight areas, along the wall and etc. where difficult for large scale machine to perform.

High performance in removing coatigs by applying Ultra Cup cutters.

Grinding Principle of Ultra CUP The diamond sintered cutters of Ultra Cups are miniature and its contact area to surface is small. By high putting pressure, it helps to cut into the layer without clogging. Good performance in removing soft to hard materials.

Provides dust-free surface preparation and connectable
with L-1 or V-1 dust collector.

By connecting to dust collector machine, it provides dust control at construction site.

Compact Type Dust Collector L-1
Compact Type L-1
Single Head Type Dust Collector V-1
Single Head Type V-1

Cutters for HK-10

  • CS Ultra Cup
  • NEO Ultra 100
  • Flat 100
  • Single 100
  • Screw 100
  • Resin 120

Cutters for HK-12

  • Ultra 120
  • Flat 120
  • Single 120