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Cutter for Handy Scarifier HF-50E

Prepared with high quality cutters for various kind of application!

SP Cutter


SP Cutter Coarse grinding; scarifying concrete/reinforced concrete; removing coatings like epoxy, epoxy resin mortar, MMA resin mortar, grease and etc; flattening uneven slab

Working depthDeep (0~5 mm, adjustable by the metal cover)
Number of pieces30 pieces (6 shafts)
20 pieces (4 shafts)
Lifespan±150 hrs/set

F Cutter


F Cutter Coarse grinding, anti-slip surface preparation, removing frost damage concrete surface, adhesives after clearance of subfloors, paint line, thin coatings and etc.

Working depthShallow (1~2 mm, adjustable by the metal cover)
Number of pieces48 pieces (6 shafts)
Lifespan±15 hrs/set