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Removal of grease on floor surface


Floor Scarifier F-22 Floor Scarifier F-22

Grind / scarify to remove grease, dirt, contaminants on floor surface, especially in factory and etc.

Preparation Method:

Floor Grinder K-60 Floor Grinder K-60

Apply grinding or scarifying method to remove penetrated layer according to its infiltration extent.

Apply cutter with:

Super Dia (Standard)
Super Dia (Standard)
B-1F Cutter
B-1F Cutter

Applicable machine:


  • A. Floor Grinders: 150~250m²/hour; 3~5hrs/set
  • B. Scarifiers: 30~50m²/hour; 25~30hrs/set
  • *** The working performance or the cutter consumption may be carrying out differently according to the conditions of flooring materials, floor hardness, adhesiveness and etc at the job sites. ***